“Entanglement” is a fundamental aspect of all life

“entanglement” is a fundamental aspect of all life.


Schrödinger’s – Cat , was a famous thought experiment involving a (macroscopic) cat

whose quantum state becomes entangled with that of a (microscopic) quantum particle .


“Quantum Entanglement” is introducing us to a radical new way of seeing and understanding which profoundly impacts human thinking, feeling, sensing, knowing and being. The Quantum Creativity project would improve the completness of quantum science creating a radical visionary approach to all the life sciences on the basis of advancement in research micro-and macro entanglement relationships. So that “Quantum Creativity” is a project particularly focused on fundamentally new approach to describe as quantum entanglement as an useful concept to connect micro and macroscopic scales.

At the heart of quantum entanglement is the idea of Schroedinger (1935) of quantum superposition of objects because they may be dislocated in two places at once (or more generally giving a new geometrical configurations of space/time see 1.) In synthese when two single states A and B of different physical systems can be associated into an unique physical entangled configurations, e.g.(A + B) that becomes an allowed new state, the last represents a space-time field where each single object has no definite location as the electrons in a metallic wire.

If a measurement of the location single objects is performed, no definite prediction for the result is possible; we can only predict the quantum probability of a possible diffuse location.

Intimately related to the idea of quantum superposition known as entanglement is the notion of quantum macro-perception of light.

The light that we see represents a relationschip between quantum entanged micro & Macro correlations ; in fact visual seeing of light involves in simultaneity billions entangled photons.

It is known that the brain is able to detect only one photon but with a single photon we do not perceive the vision of light. ,

In the attempt to give a logical interpretation of the relationship between micro and macro entangled effect we can assume that the ordinary light is actually composed of “no-entanged “photons , while those photons trapped in the cavity of the ‘eye they become entangled generating our perception of light as a continuous.

In conclusion light-vision may be due to the ability of brain to see though the eyes , the entangled field that we known as the macroscopic lighting of the environment.

The above idea will be one of the research topics of “quantum creativity project” that aims to transferring and expanding the concepts of “entanglement” to the life sciences in order to reorganize a transdisciplinary unified- science by meand of creative developmental criteria, open to advancing new emerging scientific and technological future

More in general Egocreanet believe that today become important to extend quantum entanglement effect to all micro and macro scales in order to explore quantum science beyond the reductionist limits of disciplinary specialization of the traditional Quantum Mechanic physics.



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